Unfold Project
Project management software for android, iOS

There is a list of project management software available for both Android and iOS. Workflow Max is one of the scalable project management and also used as the job management solution used in the several industries which includes marketing, agriculture, construction, engineering and consulting etc. It offers the cloud-based job management and used for several purposes such as lead generation to quotes, time tracking and invoicing etc. The major benefit is that it helps among the project leaders, teams and the stakeholders in an environment of real-time collaboration and seamless integrations. It is available on both desktop and mobile web; offered in the flexible monthly plans and each of the plans includes estimation, client management, timesheets, job management, document management, invoicing and integration etc.

On the other side of the flip, it offers a list of the integrations subjected to the accounting, staff scheduling, time tracking, customer relationship management, customer support and document management etc. The pricing plans are based on the user basis ranging from fifteen dollars for a single user to two hundred and fifty dollars per month to about fifty users. It also offers a free trial and CRM module can be enhanced for about fifteen dollars per month including the Workflow Max premium for fifty dollars extra per month.

Wrike is one of the best online project management tools and it is well known for its task collaboration tool and it helps the organizations of all the sizes in order to improve the communication, transparency for the better result. There is a list of features which includes budget management, bug tracking, collaboration and file sharing etc. It also provides the visual dash boarding capabilities and the workload management in order to keep the processing of the project at the correct time. It is compatible with both Android and iOS apps. There are several integrations for Wrike such as Drop box, Adobe, Zapier, Slack etc. Free offer plan is available for about five users and the professional plan is about ten dollars per month. Here, generally, the monthly plans are billed annually.

Mavenlink integrates all the essential functions of the industries in order to plan and deliver the work in a reliable manner. It is designed especially for the professional service organizations and it is accessible with both Android and iOS with a list of advanced business intelligence capabilities. These capabilities include the custom reporting along with the pre-built reports. Support for the access of documentation, webinars along with them in person training is also possible here. It provides several capabilities that enable the folks to concentrate on several elements such as files, change orders, proofs and tasks etc. The integration list includes the Intacct, Sales force, Jira etc. At the same time, it also offers the customized integrations along Through Application Programming Interface.  The team package is about nineteen dollars and about thirty-nine dollars per month for the professional package. The entire packages are paid in full terms annually.

The smart sheet is an online PM tool which is rich in the data integration, task collaboration tool which can be used for any type of business of various sizes from small to the medium. It provides the folks along with the budget management, bug tracking, collaboration and file sharing etc. Here are also several integrations are done which include Jira, Sales force, One drive, Skype, Lucid Meetings etc. The pricing plan is about fourteen dollars per month including the team plan about fifteen dollars per month with the minimum of three users. The plans are billed annually and the folks can also try out for the Smart sheet for a free trial for a specified time.

Asana is a one which is rich in the scalable project management including the job management and they are used in the several multiple industries. It offers a wide range of integrations and here the CRM module is added for about fifteen dollars per month and the premium is about fifty dollars per month and also offers a free trial.

Open Source Project Management Software

There is a list of software available for the project management. Gantt Project is one of the most important tools and it is an open source free project scheduling one. Here the Gantt and PERT carts can be generated which can be used for multiple purposes. The reports are produced in HTML and PDF formats. At the same time, it also offers versatile scheduling and time management tools. There are several advantages of this tool, where this amazing platform allows the folks to create a structured schedule for any project in a shorter period of time. On the other side of the flip, it offers task assignment and the implementation of the milestone. It also enables the project managers to identify the issues in the workflow and the companies can also set goals for the improvisation. is a top open source project management software option that is moved towards the agile software development. It is a free one along with the private sector integrated along with the collaborators and for the unlimited public projects. The greatest positive point is that it does not limit its features and the free version is also available here. The real fact is that it is grown into a fully functional app with the multiple modules. The app is a customizable one and it is sleek too and its additional features are not found in the agile software itself.